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The Season of Layering

Written by JM Home


Posted on October 27 2020

The love of layering!  Whether you are wearing your outfit or cuddling up to a cozy blanket for the chilling nights, it's all about layering.  It's one of the most inviting seasons; adding a faux fur to your sofa, putting on a pashmina, adding a scarf to keep your neck warm; they're the layers of life as I call them.  It is the welcoming of the season into your life. Here are some tips and tricks for adding layers to your season. 

Add faux to your season. It's one of the staples of the décor until the spring. Also, baskets are always a great item to add to store your gloves and scarves.   

These are items we recommend from the shop. 

Faux Fur Pillow
Cream Faux Fur Pillow
Cedar Pillow
Faux fur blanket
Fall Coat Rack

It's time to break out the layers!  The boots, the blankets, and the layers of our everyday life, until the spring.  If you can, have fun with your entry.  Add some baskets, put your favorite boots out on display, add a basket and some green, if possible.  Here are some layers that we recommend at the shop. 


We always love being outside, so let's add some layers, some candle light, and wine, of course.  Here are some more items that we recommend to shop the look.  



I hope you enjoyed the layers, and please enjoy the season.  Also, visit our shop to say hi and sign up to receive a 10% discount on your first purchase!