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The Art of Lighting & Designer Tips

Written by JM Home


Posted on October 22 2020

"Light is the first element of design; without it there is no color, form, or texture."
Thomas E. Farin - educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur  

Since I first started in the design world "professionally", I have always made lighting the foundation in all of my designs.  When you are given a drawing from the architect, you work with him to enhance the space. The lighting should empower it!  When a client wants to select furniture, I always take a step back and say, let's start with the lighting plan, and then furniture follows.  Also, when you are doing a renovation, one of the quickest ways to transform a space is to redo the lighting.  At our shop we have looked long and hard, and come up with a curated lighting collection just for you.  We wanted to show you some of our projects that our design team has worked on where lighting was one of the key factors throughout the project.  

When working with the team on the Firebrand Boutique Hotel in Whitefish, Montana, we had to create functional yet, ambient lighting.  Shop this look at JM Home,

Firebrand Lighting
Zandoo Chandelier

This house was a natural light project.  Designer Tip: If you have natural light, we recommend minimalist lighting.  Let the space be the voice. 

If you want to add texture to a room, look at your lighting.  With this space I wanted to add texture without bringing in any furniture.  If you choose the right fixed finishes, furniture can be a simplistic item in the room.  

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