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Sleeping In and Self Care

Written by JM Home


Posted on January 28 2021

If you ever wanted a time for sleeping in and self care this is it. Our team has been taking advantage of working from home, with bubble baths and having more me time than work time.  I feel that when things get back to semi-normal we will have all of the above but now we can get out, seek adventure, or grab a cocktail with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  So, this is the time that we are trying to enjoy, the here and now!  We asked our design team to give us their fav's for sleeping in and self care.  Also, we are doing our 20% off sale store wide for 4 more days!  Code: Thankyou21.

silk pillow cases

silk pillow casessilk pillow cases

Pillow Cases – JM Home ( We can't get our facials on a normal basis anymore so we have been doing all we can.  Sleeping on silk pillow cases, having bubble baths, doing spa night every night, and sometimes going to bed a little early.  And remember to drink lots and lots of water.   

Gardenia Spiritual Candle If Air Mist If Perfume

Self-Care Collection – JM Home (

Scent!  When you burn the right candle your bedroom and your house has the scent of a vacation in the near future.  And even through you don't go anywhere, you still want to have your favorite scent on.  That is the time for self-relaxation.  Even though we are multi-tasking like never before, if all the those things align, we feel a little peace. 

Teak Bed   

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