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Setting the Stage

Written by JM Home


Posted on April 22 2021

The market is moving and Setting the Stage is one of the key factors in making a profit. We want to share some experiences from our clients on selling their homes, plus a little behind the scenes action on what it takes to make a return on house-staging.  


After Sunroom

This project sat on the market for over a year.  I met the realtor on another project and she had me take a look at it.  After I viewed the home, I met with the owner; she was ready!  I could see it in her emotions.  We laid out the details and started the next day.  The house sold two weeks later for above-asking price.  Our client was so happy she even hired us to put her new house together.   

"Jennifer staged my house, which was beautifully done. More than that, when I needed assistance finding a photographer, she spent hours on the phone finding one. She was positive, professional, and so willing to be of service. She understands both how to "stage" a beautiful home, but also how to work with nervous house sellers to make the process of selling pleasant and peaceful. I enjoyed working with her so much, and so appreciated her work, that I've hired her to put my new house together. She's mindful, keeps her word, VERY helpful, and fun to work with! You will really, really be pleased with who she is and what she does!" 

Before Dining Room

After Dining Room

This Mountain-side Villa is so charming. We met with the owner and shared our vision.  Our client has been down this road and it was a smooth process.  He gave us a limited budget and we got creative.  After Setting the Stage, we had an open house for all of the realtors.  The owner called and told me 3 days later that it sold.  This is one of the reasons I love what I do. To view more on this project visit  Remodel Gallery | Jennifer Michele Interiors | Whitefish and Laguna

"Jennifer not only possesses the skills for both interior design, interior architecture, and home-staging, but she also has a creative mind and is easily able to envision the end result. She works within budgets, wows clients, and is personable and professional. Her skills go far beyond those of a basic interior designer, and I would highly recommend her." - Jill Carter Jones 

Setting the Stage

"I have been staging and designing homes for over 20 years and this always stuck with me.  Consider the return on investment.  If you found a financial planner who could give you a return on investment (ROI) of 5%, 10%, or sometimes as much as 20%, wouldn’t you think they were a genius? Well, that’s what a good stager can do.” - Sid Pinkerton, a New York City-based stager.

Before Living Room

After living room

“It costs more not to stage—the average cost of a complete staging is usually much less than your first price reduction.” - Krisztina Bell, a stager in Atlanta.

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