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Outdoor Entertaining & Designer Tips for Inspiring Fall Tablescapes

Written by JM Home


Posted on October 01 2020

Welcome October!  This is one of my favorite months.  The leaves are starting to change, it's an Indian summer during the day, and cashmere weather at night.  It's a perfect time to bust out the fall décor and have some outdoor entertaining. 

outdoor table scape

Design Tip: Layer your outdoor table with plaid blankets to create the ultimate fall décor.   

Designer Tip: Bring your indoors outdoors.  If you have some fun furniture to dress up your outdoors, bring it outside and have fun with it.  

This is some of our favorite furniture and accessories at the shop to bring your indoors to the outdoors! 

vintage wood bowl

If you don't have a painted piece, paint it.  Also, if you want the distressed look, get sandpaper.  After you let the piece dry, sand it down to make it look aged. 

Don't forget the lighting!  This is the perfect time to break out the candelabras sitting in your china cabinet.  

Designer Tip: Keep it easy and encourage finger food!  Also, there is nothing better than a grilled or wood fired pizza for your guest.  I don't have a wood fired pizza oven, so I grill them.  It's kid approved and for some reason, it just tastes better.  

Don't forget the pumpkins!  And it couldn't hurt to add a little more plaid!  And remember to fall into a wrap on the chilling nights and enjoy!



 Have a wonderful October everyone! xo 

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Credit photos: JM Home & Our Food Stories on Pinterest-The Kitchen Mccabe