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The Art of Layering Rugs

Written by JM Home


Posted on October 06 2020

One of my favorite features to add texture and depth a room is the layering of rugs.  You can mix and match and whatever it its.. it always comes out fabulous.  I want to share with you on some tips and tricks on layering rugs and some one of a kind finds at the shop at JM Home.  

In large rooms, layered rugs can help to physically and visually warm up the space.  Also by simply rotating your rugs, you can create an eye-catching dynamic in your layered look.

Sundance Rug for layering rugs
layering rugs


Layering rug with patterns

If you’re ready to make a bold move, try mixing patterns with your layered rugs.  This is one of our favorite images by Hammer and Spear. It's a stunning design that they were able to bold by marry the ceiling to the motif of the room.  

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Bedroom Rugs

Don't be afraid to add a rug over carpet.  It finishes the room, adds a little warmth and make it a little more cozy.  Plus is a perfect time to add a shag texture for the comfort of your feet!  

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Feature image and 1 & 2 are by Roger Davis and Architectural Digest 

Bedroom Image by Punick Homes