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Kitchen Essentials and Design Tips to Elevate your Kitchen

Written by JM Home


Posted on September 15 2020

We are entering the fall season and it's nesting time.  Meal preparation for our small and safe dinner parties, planning our menus for the upcoming holidays and making sure your house is in order for the most important person, you!  We came up with the Kitchen Essentials we all need to make it through the seasons. Also one of our favorite kitchen design's that will make you not leave your kitchen. 

Design by Whitney and Co Design 

I love this combination of the materials, the timber, the white plaster, the back splash and especially this stove.  My kids would be so happy, I would always be here to cook for them.  

Some of our recommended essentials 

The open shelving with the walls sconce above it just perfection.  This is a perfect example of having fun with your kitchen décor.  Add some art, mix up your dinner ware and make it cozy and comforting.  

Island Alternative 

Design by Beth Webb 

Another kitchen that we love is a design by Beth Webb. The windows, the natural light and the floors. It's also reminds us to add greenery to your kitchen for a quick refresh.  Remember it's one of the fastest way's to improve your mood!  

Some bucket essentials for your Kitchen

You can find all our your curated kitchen essentials at JM Home 

Featured image is by Ali Harper and designed by Ginger Zarse and Num Home