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Home for the Holidays

Written by JM Home


Posted on December 10 2020

While writing this blog I'm thinking of my Christmas morning menu, Grandma is texting for gifts for the kids and lining up facetime call's with the family.  Uh, this year is definitely different.  I don't know when normal will return or even a new normal but thank goodness it the holidays and the season of giving. Also a reason for day time pajamas without feeling too guilty, making things just a little bit cozier and this year it's all about being Home for the Holidays.  Creativity has set in and Pinterest is full of Holiday décor ideas to fill your house for your family to be in the festive mood.

Christmas Morning

Loving this antique table for holiday day drinks.  It's gave me an idea for Christmas Morning.  For the family I always serve hot chocolate and PJ's are required until at least noon in my house.  This can be a festive table for morning and night.  Light candles all day, put some bailey or/and whoop cream in your hot coca and enjoy your Christmas Day.  

Table Décor

Napkin Décor Napkin Décor

 I just added rosemary, candy canes and spice sticks to my list.  These are great ideas for Christmas Moring breakfast and maybe switch to spice sticks for Christmas Dinner.  For the name tags,  I found a left over file folder to cut up, hole punch and place tags to tie to rosemary wreaths. This is going to be fun!  Holiday table

Love that they mixed pine cones into the décor.  Bringing nature into the indoors is so important, especially right now.  It warms the sprit and improves the mood. 

Holidays outdoors  

I love how French Country did this outdoor table.  It's so elegant and not overstated.  I could sit here until my evening cappuccino is finished after a full belly.  If you can, be outdoors, smell the fresh air.  It's the best way for social distancing and having the fresh air right now is so important. Not only for the current health problems, but in general.  Taking deep breaths outdoors is relaxing to the sole

Desert Table

I think this year I may do separate tables seeing my eye is drawn to it.  I don't know what is on the menu for desert but Pinterest never fails to find new ideas for your creative mind.  

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This year for the adults we are not doing gifts this year, our family is donating to charities. Everyone needs love, help, and please reach out to someone in need and just check on a friend.  Thank you for visiting the blog, we appreciate you very much. If you ever need to someone to talk too please don't hesitate to call us at 866.673.7407.  Or DM us on IG JM Home (@shopjmhome)  We are here for you!