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Design Tips for a Fresh Look without Breaking the Budget

Written by JM Home


Posted on November 12 2020

November is the time to get excited for the Holidays; selecting your decorations, planning the seasonal theme, picking out stocking stuffers, and many more items to add to the holiday list.  This year everyone seems to be decorating a little earlier, getting cozy, and adding the seasonal excitement to your home.  At the shop we recommend getting your staples ready. We call it the Core of the Home!  It's rearranging your furniture for a fresh look!  During these times it's always nice to put a new look in a room, especially when we have been staring at the same room since last March.  So we asked our founder Jennifer Michele for some design tips for giving your room a fresh look without breaking the budget before the holidays.   

Linen Bedding

Switch out your bedding!!  "I always have to freshen up my bedding with how I am feeling, or in line the season". - Jennifer Michele.  She has tested our bedding and now it's a staple for all of our design clients. We are excited that it's now available to buy at the shop!  Head to our Linen Collection to see all of the styles and colors.


Cozy by the fire


Design Tips for a Fresh Look without Breaking the Budget. JM suggests putting a floor mirror behind a console.  It will make the room look larger.  "I always like to layer the space, so put fresh flowers in front of the mirror for reflection.  When you are ready to decorate for Christmas, put some garland on top and drape it over the sides of the mirror.  You will create another look and it will last until the New Year." 

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Floor Mirror
Faux Fur
Shag Rug


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Silk Pillowcase for her


Silk Pillowcase

Silk and Linen Pillowcases for her and him!  

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