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Mountain Villa Renovation & Designer Tips for being on a Budget

Written by JM Home


Posted on October 03 2020

Distinguished by its Belgian chateau-style architecture and mountaintop setting, this renovation was all about keeping the history of this home.  We had a limited budget so we focused on a face lift  by re-staining the beams and floors.  We were able to redo all of the lighting; it's the most important part of interior design.  A fresh coat of paint and a little creativity made this home a welcoming chateau for our clients and there guests. 

 The beams were stained from the pickled oak. The floors were blonde so we stained them espresso.  We painted the walls, installed new lighting, new window treatments, and our furniture became the finishing touch to make this room.  

After Living Room and Open Concept

Shop the similar look over the shop

Hair on hide rug
Reclaimed Coffee Table
Glass Wine Bottle


This was an open concept plan and we had two rooms mixed between one.  So we had to get creative and separate the rooms. On this side we created a library for our clients and guests to read, or maybe do a little work or play a game after a long day of outdoor adventures.  


In the kitchen we had a very limited budget.  The appliances were in good condition so we kept those. We reworked the island to make one level, and replaced the countertops, flooring and backsplash.  We didn't have money to redo the cabinetry so we had them re-stained to bring a warmth into the kitchen.  I was happy that we were able to keep the stained glass, seeing it was original to the house.  


When we walked into the dining room it was drab and dark. It was not inviting at all, the opposite of what you want your dining room to look like.  We re-stained the beams, installed new window treatments and new furniture.  Designer Tip: If you like to throw dinner parties make sure you allot a good budget for your furniture.  I always ask my clients... How long do you want your guests to stay?  An hour, two hours or more?  The dining chairs are one of the most important pieces in this room.  

I wish I had a before picture of this hallway.  It was part of the dining room so we made it into a hallway by adding pendant lighting, and we framed the hallway with a vintage bench and sconce lighting. 

After Hallway

When I budget out a renovation, the bathrooms are always a big one.  This face lift, as I said before, had a limited budget so creativity had to come up to a different level.  I had to keep the original tile due to the budget, so our tile master was able to replace just the back splash. I found a vintage dresser and we were able to make two vanity's into one that opened up the space. We were able to redo the floors, re-stain the cabinetry for the make-up vanity, and install the backsplash to frame out the mirror, install a euro shower door, and redo the lighting.  With some final furniture touches it turned out better than I expected.  

After Master Bath

Some other rooms that we had fun with during our remodel.  

I hope you enjoyed our renovation on a budget.  Check out more renovations on  All furniture was from the JM Home  and found vintage pieces.