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Bringing Color Interiors Into your Life

Written by JM Home


Posted on November 14 2020

Happy Weekend Everyone!  This week seems like it was longer than most, and I can't believe it's November.  A lot of us are struggling for energy at the moment.  Right now, I am trying not to watch the news and watching fun IGTV live!  I just watched House Calls with Thom Filica; it was so funny!  If you don't follow him, I highly recommend it. @thomfilicia  This blog is all about bringing color interiors into your life!  Being in the design business, I feel like people are afraid to add color to their rooms. Please don't be!  Just follow your gut.  This blog features Anthony Baratta, a fabulous designer that I have been following, and his talent shows in this Ski Mountain Villa in Utah. Images by Eric Piasceki and featured in Verdana Magazine. 


Bring Some Color Interiors Into Your Life
This is a such a fun room! And WOW... this view.  Please transport me there for a weekend!  I love the mixture of materials. It's perfectly layered.  
Bring Some Color Interiors Into Your Life
A perfect place to take off your ski boots... Hot toddy please!  Loving all of the plaid.  


Bring Some Color Interiors Into Your Life
So much to love in this Powder Room.  When you are remodeling a house or building from new, be creative in designing your Powder Room!  It's a focal point of the home!  Bring in a vintage piece of furniture, find a cool sink, and just have fun!  


Bring Some Color Interiors Into Your Life
Dinner please!  Loving the fabric, the wall paper to die for, and just about everything else.  If you are doing custom dining room chairs, this is a great way to add some mixture to the room. 
Bring Some Color Interiors Into Your Life
Back at 3:00!  Please have my hot toddy ready!  
Bring Some Color Interiors Into Your Life
For your weekend reading please check out Anthony Baratta.  I have been following him for years and he has brought courage and color to my designs and life! 

If you need any advice on adding color to your interiors, please feel free to reach out to me at or head to 

Thank you so much for visiting.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

JM xo