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Falling for Art

Written by JM Home


Posted on October 08 2020

"Each living being is dependent upon other living beings for its survival.  When we look at the world, we see that this is not a place where different beings survive independently of one another".  El Løvaas 

When El sent me her new art collection, I paused.  I was able to take a break from what is going on in the world today and see beauty.  In this blog post I would like to share this beauty with you and I hope you take a pause throughout your busy day. 

Myriad of Hues


Myriad of Hues "Color has the ability to trigger our emotions, affect the way we think and act, and influence our attitudes".

Kiss the Light
Kiss the Light

Kiss the Light "Do not apologize for shining your brightest, the Moon does it all the time and we celebrate her.  We are all beings of the light and we are here to light the way for each other" 

Infinite Possibilities Art
Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities "Close your eyes, open your mind, and make a wish."

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Images by: Keelee Løvaas @keeleelovaas