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A Design Boutique Hotel that Feels like Home

Written by JM Home


Posted on September 14 2020

Upon entering through the doors of the Firebrand Hotel, I wanted the guests to feel like they just entered their mountain home.  That was one of my key factors when designing this Boutique Hotel.  When I travel, I want to feel like I can extend my stay and at the Firebrand Hotel, that is one of the comments I get from guests.  



When my firm designs hotels, we like to bring some history of the town into the project.  The fireplace was designed with the thought of the rail road.  The base is rail road ties and the metal is the rail track.  For the log ends, we remembered that Whitefish was initially called "Stumptown", and for good reason. Before the arrival of the railroad and people, the area around Whitefish was heavily wooded  and logging companies used these resources.  Through a combination of old growth and sound logging practices, the area is still heavily wooded today. 

The lighting was so important in this space to give the guests a romantic plus cozy appeal.  We were able to mix glamour and rustic and modern lighting all into one space.  Also, we used reclaimed barn wood in the ceilings and added rope lighting to give it the ambient lighting it needed.

This is one of my favorite designs in the hotel; our design chic reception area.  Between the pencil sketch, concept photos, wood workers, our concrete countertop guy, and following the handicap guidelines, we finally brought this to life.  When you first walk into a hotel you need to be wowed, so we did our best to achieve that. 

"Room Service Please" and "Sleep, sleep and more sleep".  Everyone wants a restful night, especially at your hotel.  We custom made the beds to give it the mountain look and we were fortunate to collaborate with Restoration Hardware on our nightstands, guest chairs, and some of our lighting. 

"Make it simple, but significant." -- Don Draper

That is the quote I used when designing this Powder Room.  It's kind of a funny quote to use for a powder room but I wanted to keep it simple but significant in our design.  We used the same flooring as the open space lobby but changed the design.  Also, we had this concrete trough made in Red Lodge, Montana.  Per following my quote, I didn't want to add too many elements so we kept on trend with the rest of the hotel.  

We were honored to be a part of an amazing team and thank you for all of the subcontractors for making this hotel come to life!  We hope you enjoy your stay at the Firebrand Hotel!  

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Architect: Montana Creative

Builder: Rocky Mountain Builders

Interior Design: Jennifer Michele 

Photo's by: Gibeon Photography