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  • It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

    It's Just a Bunch of Hocus...

    My kids keep on asking me what are they able to do for Halloween this year? Can they hang out downtown? Can they go to a friends?  Well, it hurts...

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  • The Season of Layering

    The love of layering!  Whether you are wearing your outfit or cuddling up to a cozy blanket for the chilling nights, it's all about layering.  It's one of the most...

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    The Season of Layering
  • The Art of Lighting & Designer Tips

    The Art of Lighting & Designer...

    "Light is the first element of design; without it there is no color, form, or texture."Thomas E. Farin - educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur   Since I first started in the design...

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  • The Ski House

    When we think of winter, we think of the ski season.  Imagine a day on the slopes, warming up next to the fire with a hot toddy, and draping yourself...

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    The Ski House
  • Falling for Art

    Falling for Art

    "Each living being is dependent upon other living beings for its survival.  When we look at the world, we see that this is not a place where different beings survive...

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